Introducing the .FOOD Domain Names

Dot Food LLC's Mission

“.FOOD” will serve to unite all aspects of life while creating a marketing catapult to propel food related industries into the next wave of internet expansion. We will provide a consistent, identifiable online industry marker for food related businesses, in order to better serve the growing Food Industry and consumer needs worldwide.

The purpose of “.FOOD” is to provide a commerce environment and an information exchange platform for the food industry allowing businesses to provide access to products, services and information instantaneously through accurate search engine classifications.

It is our mission that businesses bearing the “.FOOD” TLD string would become leaders in their market and be instantly differentiated online as food manufacturers, suppliers, producers, culinary institutes, restaurant operators, catering providers, food publications, food television networks or food service professionals.

Why ".FOOD"?

The purpose of food is to fuel our bodies and keep us alive, but food consumption has also become synonymous with community, family, and recreation. Meals bring people together, play major roles in travel planning, and create community through recipe sharing, picnics, and education. Food is not a regional industry, but a global one, and the creation of “.FOOD” would mark the first ever common identifier of an internationally essential and diverse consumer market.

About Us

The Dot Food team combines extensive experience in the food arena as well as online technologies, allowing food manufacturers, processors, distributors, restaurants and consumers to offer produce and food products. Since the inception of the Wide World Web, we have been working closely with food suppliers, distributors, restaurants, chefs and catering providers.

We have been watching the ups and downs of the Dot Com companies, the constant efforts of the search engines to provide relevant data, the instability of the online business and the struggle of food providers and consumers to find a steady, solid and comprehensive solution that allows them to trade produce, food products, dining services and exchange information without a concern of losing business opportunities due to third parties' constraints or having access to limited information.

.Food Domain Pre-Registration

Dot Food LLC launches By pre-registering for a .FOOD domain name on, food retailers and service providers can secure a better, more professional domain name for their business, product, or service.

Registrants will be instantly identified as relevant and valuable members of the food industry, will stand out among their competitors and appear stronger to online investors; all the while increasing their Search Engine Optimization. Visit our website at to pre-register your .FOOD domain name, today.

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